Edited customer details not copy to sales invoice

Sometimes I add a new customer with just their name, then proceed to create a sales invoice. When I then find the customer address details, I go back into Customers and add this into their customer details. But on opening the sales invoice up again to finish it, the address has not prefilled and I have to type it in here as well. I have had this happen a couple of times. I know it could be avoided by having all the customer details to start with, but sometimes I need to get started on an invoice first and was wondering why it didn’t copy into the invoice.

Because there is an address field on invoice, Manager will use the text from that field but I think you are making a good point. If the address on invoice field is empty, then Manager should use the address as set on customer level. Do you agree?

I totally agree. This would be very useful.

Yes, when the customer is set up with complete address details first, and then the sales invoice is created, the address details do carry across automatically. But not if you add address details to customer after you have already created the invoice.

The latest version (17.6.41) is fixing this issue.

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Thanks, very prompt!