Customers details in old invoices change after editing customer data

Hello, if i remember correctly in the old times if you change client data into the customers tabs this dont affect old invoices
today i changed adress and added some specifics for one client and the old invoices immediately changed customer details …
i happened to see it only because i wanted to check an old price

now is my opinion and i think most of you will agree that even if i change details of customer supplier, item description etc the old invoices must not be affected by this.

this will bring confusion because the invoices and proformas will not match the one sent or given to the customer

i think this must be considered a bug and be corrected
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I see this as a way to guarantee the customers address and details are always current. I have seen this effect and if I believe the old address detail is important then I put that detail into the customer’s notes. Personally I quite like the fact that all historical records update.

Maybe there could be a checkbox when updating customer details that allows us to decide whether all previous records for this customer are updated or not.

From a developer’s perpsective, however, I think storing customer data separately for each report (sales invoice, quote, etc.) would increase the DB size significantly. @lubos can chime in on this.

It would be a change of database structure.

It appears customer address is currently just stored in a customer table. The central table is then referenced as required for each invoice, quote etc.

The alternative design is to store this data in each invoice, quote etc, and using the customer file only to populate the fields when an invoice or quote is created. Adding a check box implies Manager is also programmed cycle through all old invoices and edit if user requested.

The latter means all currently active invoice & quotes would need to be separately updated when a customer changes address or an address error is corrected. It will also create a variety of requests on how each report should group invoices and quotes from different addresses.

The former means you loose which address old invoices were sent to if a customer moves. Although you could also achieve this by creating a new customer when a customer moves and deactivate the old customer address when old orders are filled.

If this functionality was really required supporting multiple branches for each customer would probably be better (a table off the customer file). Users would then have to select which branch for each invoice or quote if more than one was active. The subsequent report grouping requests and program time to change core database structure still remain.

Overall the current implementation does have some advantages

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this is not good, over the time you will want to be able to check customers orders prices transactions, how much they have bought to decide strategy or discounts, is not optimal to divide customers history by creatine another one

when you send an document to a cutomers that document cannot be changed, resending an quote or or proforma or invoice with the same reference number and different details is not professional. someone can imply the changes are not confined in details but also in values and prices. this is why many companies when you ask for cchanges in proformas send you another one with different number

you are right but is not professional.
you must have a paper or digital copy of everything you sent, and until now i thought had no need because everything is saved in manager.

also a concern about security, what if someone changes the name of the customer ?

manager has a lock date to avoid changes in retrospective what is the point of this if you can change customer name and details ?