Change business address from old address to new address

My business address has been moved to another address and I want to change this in the contact detail. However, when I changed the contact details to be my new business address, all the quotes, orders, invoices and delivery notes that I created while my business was at the old address have been changed too. Is there anyway I can change my business address without affecting all those documents I created before?

Any recommendations would be very appreciated.

Why does it matter? If you ever need to print the old invoice for customer, it’s better that it will contain new address.

Because it will be different from what I printed to customers before I change the address

As @lubos said “Why does it matter”. Lets say you are re-sending an invoice because the customer lost the old one. The replacement invoice would be better off with the new/correct address otherwise any payment being posted could go to the old address.

I will take a different viewpoint on this question. My personal opinion is that an accounting record should not be changed lightly, if at all, once entered. While it will generally be acceptable to consciously edit a record to correct a mistake, I believe it is preferable to keep records as they originally were in case there is a dispute and it becomes necessary to produce evidence of exactly what information was known by each party to an agreement at any given point in time. This may seem farfetched, but what if a dispute arose over whether a payment had been properly invoiced and payment sent to the correct address?

There are other cases where Manager does not change existing invoices, such as when default Notes are changed.

Addresses aren’t accounting records - merely information about the business.

This is precisely why I lobbied so hard for bcc functionality. I email my invoices directly from Manager, and now with bcc, my email account contains an archival copy of every PDF I send out, exactly how the customer received it.

If you don’t use Manager email, then I strongly suggest that you save an archival PDF or paper copy of each invoice you print.

Indeed. I do.

I’ll give you another example of why existing records should not change. While this did not happen to me while I was using Manager, the circumstances are real. I used to have a sole proprietorship. When my jurisdiction’s laws on limited liability companies changed to permit single-member LLC’s, I converted. Under applicable tax law, the LLC was still considered a sole proprietorship (in fact, the exact same sole proprietorship), so no changes to accounts were necessary. Nor would they have been allowed. Existing contracts were novated, and so forth. (Only legal liability was affected.) Had I been using Manager and updated my business information to the new name, all prior invoices would have changed. So I would have been forced to create a new company within Manager and would have lost the ability to create multi-year reports, etc.

Changing the status of a Legal entity is completely different matter compared to changing a business address. A business address can change without even moving premises, as has occurred. Two separate roads became linked which caused a street number and name change. Keeping the documents with the original address would have been redundant as it no longer “officially” existed.