Manager crashing

Hi, can anyone explain that why manager is crashing lately? more features are being added but the stability of the manager is compromised? I am using Mac pro with Big Sur. anyone???

Please search the forum on this as there has been lots of discussion about this.

I’m not aware of any issues on Big Sur. Those issues on Mac are related to previous OS version. Do you get any specific error?

this the error when manager crash. can you explain?
BTW its not full msg.

it crashed again??? while printing reports.

Manager crashed again while printing. I already sent error report. It seems manager is having issues with printing lately. Any fix for it???

Is this every single time when you press Print button or just sometime?

not every single time when i press print but whenever it happens, its during printing process.

i am running 21.2.24 on big sur 11.2.1 an d still Manager is crashing during printing process. i did send the error code earlier. were you able to look into it?

Several issues were fixed. Depending on the exact cause, your problem might be cured. You should update your software to see.

@kamransaleem, you did not update your software. You originally said you were using version 21.2.24. But the first error message you posted was from v 21.1.34. The second error message was generated using v21.2.46. The current version is v21.2.70.

Update to the current version and see what happens.

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It is good answer, keep updating manager every day and some day this problem will solved. last time when you told to update the software, 21.2.46 was latest. anyway i will update again and will see if this problem has been taken care or not.

This time crash happened with simple print command. Before it was happening while trying to save as PDF in print option.

something is wrong printing.

It seems you are using version 21.3.50

The current version is 21.3.75 so maybe you can upgrade to that version

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Thanks Tut, my bad, I replied directly from inbox that’s why my info was there.

here is report for Manager latest version crashing.