Manager is working stop

some how manager is not working not able to open company, also back up file is not uploading
also shows folder location in bottom, when we load company its showing loading and then blank screen appear

You seem to trying to open a backup of a backup of a backup (three dates)

Why is that?

Others have reported issues opening businesses with names so long. If you cannot get beyond the Businesses page, navigate to the location shown and rename the files. Report on the results.

But I have the same question as @Joe91. Why are you importing layers of backups?

If it helps in the diagnoses of this issue i also had troubles loading a file used from a older version of manager. But mine was not from a backup it was the original from when i first installed manager. It also happens to every test business i ever made from the older version. I would see the same thing in the photo posted by the OP and nothing else would work. I got around it by repeatedly closing and re opening the newest version of manager and clicking on the business until it finally just worked.