Running More Than One Manager Desktop Application on a PC at the Same Time

I am running the latest version of the Manager Desktop application on my PC with Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64 & 8 GB of RAM. In previous versions of the Manager Desktop application it was possible in the Google Chrome browser to open more than one Manager Desktop application (so you could compare data in more than one business side by side on the PC monitor).
For approx. the last 2 months, when I try to launch another Manager Desktop application, I get the error message in the screen shot below. Please advise if there is a resolution to this.

What you want is still possible.
Here is how to:
Open Manager and open the business you want.
Once opened, rightclick on the tab "Businesses on top of the screen and open a new window in your browser.

When you opened a business and opened one of the modules for instance “Customers”, you can open in the same way another menu by right-clicking on for instance “Bankaccounts”

That trick works on Windows. Don’t try it on a Mac, as it causes a program freeze. To do the same thing on a Mac, open a browser and drag a tab label into the browser window.

I’m slightly confused because I haven’t used the desktop version in a while, is it now possible to drag the desktop version into a browser?

No change. That has been possible for a long time, possibly forever. But you are not dragging the desktop version to a browser, at least not in the sense of dragging an entire window. You drag any displayed link to an open browser window, just as you can do with any link on a web page.


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Thank you Hennie & Tut. Both solutions you presented work well.

You are replying to an obsolete 3 year old topic.
A lot has changed since the last post and it is already possible to view two or more Manager business data files simultaneously on desktop.