Downloading desktop version Windows 7


I am very pleased to see free version software… and also appreciate your involvement in reply of our problems… kindly guide me

When i install this error showed on win 7

“Manager cannot be installed on system .NET Framework version lower than 4.0 client profile”

before i installed on win xp it works but not at window 7?


Google for “.NET Framework 4” and install it from Microsoft website.


I would recommend that you update to microsoft,NET framework 4.5.2 as this is now becoming the defacto standard. Download here

Alternatively, run windows update on your windows 7 computer as this should update your .net framework to the latest version.


i downloaded .Net Framework 4 and manger installed is it better to upgrade or did nit required?


Better to upgrade what? Manager or .net framework. I would upgrade to the latest version for both, but not on your xp machine. 4.5.2 is not supported on xp I believe.


i have small business of dairy milk and i wanted to continue with free version… it will continue without any distortion in corrupted files?


The desktop is free and apparently will remain so. You only pay if you want to use the cloud version.