Manager has started acting strangely - things disappearing / reappearing

I’m a long time user of the Server Edition of Manager and really love the software and it’s regular updates.

Unfortunately I’ve started to notice a bug where sometimes an entry will disappear, throwing off the balance, resulting in a new entry being needed, only for it then to reappear at a later date.

This has happened twice now in the last week and is becoming difficult to deal with, as there is never an indication when it happens, other than the balances being off.

Ideally if we had an activity log, I’d be able to at least see if an entry is being added or deleted some way, but as it stands I’m not sure what the cause is.

I figured it might be a browser cache issue of some sort, but I’ve cleared the caches and rebooted, restored backups of Manager, but it still happens occasionally.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Being on the Server Edition makes it difficult to revert to an earlier addition, however 1) are you able to pinpoint a date when this problem started to occur, 2) what type of transaction are affected, and 3) can you do screen shoots to provide examples.

The more specific you can be would greatly assist

The fact that the entries reappear proves they are not lost. Remember, Manager is fundamentally a sophisticated data base. Your numbers are obviously in there. They just are not being displayed and used as you expect.

This sounds like it could be related to dates. Are you certain no-one has changed the Set Period for the Summary? There are also some reports, like Aged Receivables, where you must effectively edit the date or create a new report every time you look at it. If you accidentally forget, you see some strange results.

Automatic allocations of customer or supplier credits might also cause apparent changes. Have any of your accounts payable or receivable been overpaid, in either direction?

@Tut is correct. Nothing will disappear and then reappear for no reason.

If you think some invoice has disappeared from a report, always look under Sales Invoices tab to confirm it’s there. Sales Invoices tab will always show all invoices in database.

Then it’s a matter of why invoice is not accounted in the report.

So what sort of entry you have noticed that has disappeared and then reappeared?

Hi again.

Thanks very much for your responses, but I feel I need to clarify exactly what is happening. Apologies for not being clearer.

Open up Bank Accounts view

Add a new entry (receive/spend money)

Entry 2 randomly disappears/is lost (not deleted)

Step 4
Re-enter Entry 2

Step 5
Re-open software at later date

It also happens in reverse.

It’s almost like an entry/view gets cached but doesn’t immediately register and then applies at a later date. It might not even be the software it could be the server or the browser, but I don’t know the best method of tracking down the source. Hence I’m really looking forward to the activity log feature :smile:

For the meantime, I’ve delegated just one person access to make entries to rule out user duplication (even though I’m pretty sure this isn’t the issue as I’ve witnessed it happening alongside a user when no one else is in - but I don’t want to rule it out as users may just be embarrassed to admit it)

It has nothing to do with Invoice credits or account dates, I’ve checked this.

I haven’t been able to force a duplicate of the issue myself.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated

I may know your problem. When you click the Back button, Manager returns to previous screens as they appeared when last visited. The program will page backwards all the way to the initial splash screen (possibly limited by some maximum that I have never encountered). Depending on the exact sequence in which you have done things, this can result in returning to a screen that appears to leave off a transaction. The perception can definitely be created that a transaction has disappeared. But the fact that it shows up later proves conclusively it has not.

Is there any possibility this is what is happening? The next time the problem occurs, navigate to the Bank Accounts tab directly, then the bank account involved (if you have more than one). See if that doesn’t show the correct list of transactions and balance.

Thanks for the reply again Tut.

I don’t think necessarily that it would be the back button, but it could be the result of opening multiple tabs within manager. Using middle click - sometimes to have two visible tabs (i.e. customers view, whilst also viewing an invoice) - I know that this is done as it can be a useful time saver.

However I want to stress that the only time I’ve observed this glitch has been on a single window of the Bank Accounts view. Invoices/Customers view was not involved in any way.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not 100% sure, and its for sure a possibility, but I’m pretty certain.

I’m currently waiting for it to happen again and paying full attention so I will inform you of the steps that supposedly caused it as it occurs.

I suspect this must surely be the problem. Personally, I use the desktop version, so this is not even possible. But it definitely sounds like the common problem of multiple users working on files from a shared server simultaneously. At least your data is not lost.

OK, if you see some data is missing, try to Refresh the page next time.