Disappeared transactions

Hi, further to earlier discussions about transactions disappearing I have just checked my income and expenditure transactions and two income transactions seem to have disappeared completely. I have checked the full list of transactions and they are definitely not there. This is verified by the fact that I had to create a new account in the Chart of Accounts against which to allocate one of them. Has anyone had the same experience or any idea what might have happened?

I had some earlier set up issues which Tut and others may recall, however, everything has been working just fine until these two transactions disappeared.


Sorry all, I think I may have found the issue though not absolutely sure, so i’ll keep an eye on what i’m doing and see what happens. If I’m wrong and it happens again I’ll come back.


yes, i had same problem, and i had to enter the lost transactions again.
please solve the problem.
but i think that it happened because i used Google Chrome to enter the transactions.
but i have to refresh the manager window from time to time to update the data within it.

You need to furnish more information: edition, version number, transaction type, etc. Every transaction must be created or updated before leaving the input screen. Otherwise it is not saved.