Manager has disappeared as well as all my companies work

I have turned my computer on after I haven’t been on for a couple due to my health and its all gone I try to open it on one drive and its tilling me there isn’t an app to support this document. can you please help me ? I really hope i have just lost 12 months of entry.

Can you please post some information about your system so that people can help you.
What version of Manager do you have? If you cannot remember, roughly when do you think you updated it last?
What Operating System do you have?

Have you previously created any backups from within Manager at all?

Have you restored your system at all?

Have you done a file search in your file manager for .manager files?

ok I downloaded manager in feb 2017
I saved manager to “onecloud” as a back up but wont open the documents
no I haven’t restored the system.
yes I have done a search on manger files and manager. when I open what is in my files it takes me to the web page to sign up.
my computer in a windows 10 hp

a) Were you using the Desktop or Cloud Edition ?
b) When you searched for .manager files, in what locations did you found them ?
c) In the “onecloud”, can you see .manager files ?
d) If yes to either (b) or © then those are your data files so your data is not lost.

a- I downloaded the desktop edition
b- I just searched “this PC” every link in that comes up in the search reverts to the home page of manager on the internet
c-yes I can see manager files in “onecloud” but wount let me open them
d- how the heck can I get it back its like manager has somehow been deleted of the computer
any more suggestions please …

if I re download manager will I be able to open it in manager?
will I loose every thing if it is there somewhere and in not tech savy enough to find it ?

Firstly, can you download a copy of the manager file that currently exists in your one cloud account.
If so, download afresh from the website and install it. Open the manager file you downloaded.

As to why you can neither find the file locally, nor the previously installed manager, that’s a bit hard to say without investigating the PC directly.

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@glebestone, understand that the Manager application itself is not important. You can always download another copy from the web site. And none of your data is in the application. Your data is in separate data files. You may find it helpful to read these Guides:

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Thankyou everyone i have re downloaded it and got my files back. I really appreciate the help :heart_eyes: