Lost Desktop Edition

Suddenly I tried to open Manager on my computer and I can’t open it. How can I get into Manager and login to recoupe all my information?

assuming you are on windows, do you see the files in this folder?

are you using desktop version or cloud version, as there is no login screen in desktop edition.

you might also want to post a screenshot for more clarity regarding the error

you might also want to read the guides

Thank you for your response.
We are using a Mac and it is Desktop Edition. There is no Error Message to
send a screen shot of, we just can’t open it up, nothing happens when we
click on the icon. It is not even showing up in Applications.


i dont know anything about Mac,
but if you can locate Manager’s Application data folder
by looking at the topic

firstly you should copy the folder to another location.

maybe @ShaneAU can help you out?

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Hi @meriku,

Try redownloading the application from the website and then try running it directly from the downloads drawer / folder.

If that works, move it into the Applications folder yourself, then try launching it using Spotlight (Cmd + Space, then start typing “manager” and press Enter when it shows up).

Let us know how you go with that?

Oh, and if you still can’t get it to run, try looking in “Apple Icon” > “System Preferences” > “Security & Privacy” > Check if anything appears at the bottom saying you need to approve an app that tried to run. You’re looking for a button labelled “Open Anyway”.

You need to be a little more specific, as others have suggested. For now, you can ignore the advice from @spandan888 and the links to Guides concerning the application data folder. Your problem isn’t about finding the data, but about opening the program.

You mention clicking on the icon. What icon are you referring to? Where is it? Are you referring to an icon in the Dock that you took action to Keep in Dock? If so, that’s only an alias and the target program may have moved or been deleted or been improperly installed (originally or during an update). Replace or repair the alias.

Start as @ShaneAU suggested with a Spotlight search for the program. If it’s there, but not in the Applications folder, move it to Applications.

If it’s not there, it was somehow deleted. This did not happen by accident. Someone deleted it. But just install a new copy. Follow instructions in this Guide to the letter: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager.

Your data is not in the application, but rather a separate folder the application calls. When you find or install the program and launch it, your data will be accessible unless someone deleted it, too. If you have trouble at that point, give us more specifics.

Thankyou, I was able to download it again and open it from there. ShaneAU was able to help.
I appreciate it!

Thank you I was able to download and reopen from there.
Appreciate all the help.