Lost all my data Please help!

i used to work with google drive i still have all the data on the file but when i open the manager.io i do not see my business file !! im lost !! what i can do?
i also check that the path is right !

Can you give more context? What does Google Drive has to do with Manager?

to open the software on both business laptop and personal laptop , to keep the data sync

So you have changed the path where Manager should read its data from? Is the path correct? Maybe something happened with your Google Drive and your data is in different folder. If that’s the case, you will need to update the application data path so Manager knows where to look for data.

i did but also the same !

here are my data files i think the last time i used it on April 2nd
how does the application works ?

You need to launch Manager, then go to About Manager and make sure the application data path is set to the folder where is your data (those *.manager files).

Also, upgrade to the latest version of Manager. The software won’t allow you to make this kind of mistake anymore. If you are changing application data path, Manager will verify your new path actually contains data, otherwise it won’t let you change the path. This will avoid people complaining about perceived “data loss”.

Also, it seems like you are copying your data to the same folder as your program. Don’t do that. Keep data and program in separate folders. Ideally you should just install Manager on each computer separately and have application data folder (with data only) on Google Drive.

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i did it lubos but is the same , the problem that i dont have a back for a long time ! the software wont see the businesses

Maybe you have deleted index file 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.manager… In that case, Manager will recreate new one but it won’t show businesses. In that case, you will have to manually re-import them into Manager by using Add Business -> Restore backup and select those *.manager files one by one. Each .manager file represents one business.

i think this one will work but what the exact files are the data for this software ?