Manager for Apple failing to download

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a download of the Manager application not working?
I tried to update a clients file and when opening the download it is empty?
Was not sure if it was their computer or an issue with the Manager link?

Did you follow the Guide on installing and updating Manager for macOS?

Hi Tut,

I did just check and I followed all instructions although when I open the disc folder it is empty?

Then repeat the process. Your download must have somehow been corrupted. I just verified through a download that the current version (18.10.96) is not empty. And be sure you are downloading from the official site, not some third-party software distributor, and that you are downloading the Mac version.

Hmmm strangeā€¦ I did all of the above and downloaded straight from the Manager IO site. I will check her firewalls etc and see if anything like that is blocking it.
Thank you for your prompt assistance as always.