Manager desktop won't startup

This morning manager desktop refused to startup

I made a backup of my manager directory and try to reinstall but also a new installed version will not startup

what did i wrong

please help

Can you provide a fuller description of the steps undertaken and any responses ?
What is the Manager Version & Edition plus which operating system ?

Thanks for your reply.

I cannot start up the program so i can not tell you which version number but also a new install will not work. The only thing i can tell you is that normaly i use chrome as browser but yesterday i did start up internet explorer. The operationsystem is win10.

What happend this morning. I did start up manager, a browser opende telling me that the ip address and port number could not be foud.

Are you using the Desktop, Server or Cloud version ?

I am using the desktop version

Post screenshot what you see. Desktop edition definitely doesn’t open a web-browser.

The Desktop versions shouldn’t have anything to do with browsers, nor IP address or ports.

How/where were you trying to start Manager ?

Yes indeed it was very strange asking for ip address and port numer

I cannot post screenshots because manager won’t start up anymore. After downloading a new .msi i did choose for reinstall , a desktop icon is what i see but clicking on it won’t open manager,

i do not hope to lose my bussiness datbase…

Your business databases are stored separately from the programme files so they can’t be lost without you actually deleting them. If you navigate to C:/users/(user name)/appdata/local/Manager you will find your files, unless you have changed the default location. For security back up the folder to an external device.

Do the files have cryptic or proper names ?

Can I suggest a complete clean install - go to control panel - programmes & features - right click on Manager and click Uninstall. Shut down (not reboot) and restart. Navigate to the programme location C:/users/(user name)/appdata/roaming/Manager and the folder should be empty - if you like, delete the folder.

Do a new download, do a save and then click run to install.

OK thank you for all the suggestions and information

I will try all and i hope that the problem is solved afterward

i will report

Ok I am back again

Brucanna i did what you said. The files have no cryptic names in my opinion

I did uninstall . Restarted the computer. Downloaded the latest version. The program installs and asks if it has automatically should start up when finished. But the desktop icon is created, the program directory with the files is created, the dir in appdata/local is renamed, but still the program will not start up. It does also not run in the background

i should not know what to do now.

Bugger, so going back to your original comment “This morning manager desktop refused to start up”
Did a windows or other program (security/antivirus) do an update which is now causing a conflict ???
Search for any Lavasoft software, that is an outdated software which is known to cause Manager problems.
If you find any - delete.

Alternatively try this - go to Control Panel - click Recovery - click Open System Restore - click next and you should see a panel like below - select a restore point prior to today and click next

Also, after selecting a restore point you could as a first step select “Scan for affected programs”.

As an aside - those files with mixed up numerical/alpha names are the cryptic names.

@fredjansen, I have some questions that may shed light on your problem:

  1. Are default, Modeldigitaal and testbedrijf names of businesses you created in Manager? If so, those are now your data files. Unless you created them after the software update, they were converted automatically from some of the alphanumeric files.

  2. If they are business names, are they your only businesses?

  3. Can you open the file named “recent” with a text editor and post a screen shot of what’s in it?

  4. If you are using Windows 10, why are you using 32-bit applications?

Now here is something to try: move everything except default, Modeldigitaal, testbedrijf, recent, and size to a safe place. (Your desktop will do for the time being.) See if that solves your problem. If so, are all businesses you expect to see listed and do they have expected data?


I did a system restore and after that i succeeded in starting up manager. I downloaded the file modeldigitaal.manager and …
everything looks ok now. I have lost no data as far as i can see now.

But why the problem occured this morning ? i do not know. No new software was installed and as far as i know there were now updates.

I hope that it wil not happen again.

Brucanna thanks for helping me.

Tut: Indeed i am using a 32bit version but is there a 64 bit version of the desktop ? If so, where can i find it.

Ok!! I was screaming to early !!!

I closed the application and try to restart but again nothing happens !!!

Ok, here i am again. I think that i have found the reason. Brucanna mention Lavasoft. At first I was not aware of installed software of Lavasoft but indeed there was. I do not know how and when it is installed but after deleting, manager starts up also after closing .

Thanks for helping me

BR Fred

There is only a 64-bit version. Problems are encountered when people try to run it on 32-bit operating systems.

Because some applications either - only come in 32 bit - or if a 64 bit is now available, hasn’t been upgraded.

This applies to Linux.

Windows is fully supported on 32-bit and 64-bit. Mac is 64-bit only so there is no need to support 32-bit.