Manager closes automatically and can't open again

For the past two days, I have been experiencing some issues with manager. The software keeps closing by its self and when I try to open it again it gives me an error message reading, see screenshot below.

Further Details on Software and Machine:

Product Version is 17.12.3
Operating System is Windows 10

I need help to resolve this issue. Thank you.

please check your antivirus software and mark Manager as safe.
the antivirus program might have moved the Manager program to Quarantine or deleted it altogether.
add Manager folder to the excluded list in your antivirus program.

Thanks but I have done that already but the problem still persists. I am using default Windows Defender.

have you added Manager to the exclusions list in Windows Defender?
if yes, then reinstall Manager after adding to the exclusions list.

Yes, I am and I have reinstalled Manager. The problem still exists.

The problem is related to some programme outside of Manager.
The some programme (windows, anti-virus, firewall, etc.) has had a recent update or changed settings and now has a dislike of Manager.

A couple of things to try:
1 - Go to Task Manager - Startup and disable any unessential programmes one at a time and reboot - check
2 - Do a system restore for a date prior to the problems occurring
3 - Go to a computer technician who can run diagnostic tools

Okay Thanks. Will try that.