Emails not working

Hello my email wont work also how do i make the invoice a pdf for sending via email please?

Hi @Sarah_Ford,

You need to furnish more information such as:

  • Edition of Manager (Cloud, Server or Desktop)
  • Version of Manager
  • Your email provider

As far as the PDFs, first, you’ll have to enable your Internal PDF genartor from Settings > Obsolete Features and then it should automatically attach a PDF copy with every email.

Alternatively, if you don’t enable it, an HTML copy link will be sent with your email which the recipient can then print.

Be warned though, if you go with the PDF generator, that as its placement suggest, the PDF generator will not continue indefinitely and you will need to experiment with alternative workflows.


  • Edition of Manager (Cloud, Server or Desktop) desktop
  • Version of Manager
  • Your email provider Outlook was hotmail


Have you already set a one-app password for Manager?

If you haven’t, then please do the following:

  1. Create a one-app password by following this external guide

    Manage app passwords for two-step verification - Microsoft Support

  2. From Manager, go to Settings > Email Settings > SMTP Server

  3. Set your SMTP Server field to

  4. Ensure your Username is spelled correctly

  5. Paste the password you created by following the external guide in Step 1

  6. Click Test Email Settings

  7. If it fails, check the box that says Do not verify TLS certificate and see if it helps

  8. If you get a success message, click Update

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wont let me do the 2 step verifcation says denied?

And that would be Outlook, right?

Does this means you can’t login to outlook?

I have to be as I am sending you emails from my outlook

Could you provide some screenshot of the failure?


i did the 2 step got number put in manager and got this.

535: 5.7.139 Authentication unsuccessful, the user credentials were incorrect. [SY5P282CA0083.AUSP282.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM 2024-01-27T06:18:28.339Z 08DC1EFDD25362C0]

Then you can not use this option because it would link them to your local computer at a non-internet accessible address of


i dont understand how do i get my emails to work?

@Ealfardan explained all the steps. Most importantly is that in SMTP Settings you do not use your normal email password as used in your Outlook email client but the app password you generated for two-step verification.

Also note that Manager only supports SMTP, i.e. sending of emails and not receiving them. After all it not an email client app such as Outlook.

so i cannot set up to email from manager at all?

As mentioned and now edited to bold print in previous post. You can setup SMTP which sends emails but not POP for receiving emails.

ok how do i setup to send emails i dont want to receive emails in manager. i want to email invoices as a pdf to clients.

The email feature works well.
You cannot use your email password, you need to create an Application Password to set up smtp in Manager. @Ealfardan and @eko have provided the guidance above.

Maybe this link is easier to understand on how to create an Application Password for a Microsoft Account

Setting up SMTP with Microsoft (hotmail, outlook, live, and office365 emails)

@Sarah_Ford can you provide a screenshot of the Email settings showing the error?

ok i have done all this test email works but wont work to send invoice

I can only guess that you meant to say that the email is working but the attachment is missing, if that’s what you meant then have tried doing this :point_down:

Also, we are all just guessing the problem at this point, it would be helpful if you provide some screenshots.

@Sarah_Ford I use outlook and my ability to send invoices, reports etc also ceased. You can overcome the issue quite easily by finding an SMTP service. Just search for a free SMTP service and create your account. Check their limit on emails eg 1000 per month for free. When your account is created you should see the settings you need to use. You then use their hostname in manager mail settings in the SMTP area. Enter your username, email address and password (for the smtp service, not your email) and you’re good to go. I found that sent emails do not show in outlook as you’re not using their server. That can be overcome by selecting the box in manager email settings to send a copy to ….,

As far as sending invoices etc as pdf, my understanding of this is that you can view eg your created invoice, you can create a pdf (at this time still), save it, then you need to via your email program create your email and attach the pdf as you would normally. Manager does not send pdf’s.