Lubuntu not installing

I am trying to install manager on my lubuntu. But it’s not working. It keep on shows the icon from the start menu. But when I open it didn’t do anything.

Maybe you can try running Manager from the terminal and see what error, if any, shows up during the startup.

How do I run it from terminal. Can you give me command to run through terminal

Open a terminal, type manager, press enter.

tried and got " Command Not found" message.

But i can see the icon from the applications menu. So guide me to remove and install a fresh one.

Download the package from
Right click on ‘open with software installer’
Enter root password.
That is it.

I can see the manager installed in the system
manager-accounting 18.7.89 .
But i cant remove and reinstall it again.

Download the current version. You are more than 100 versions behind. (The program improves very rapidly.) You don’t need to uninstall anything before installing the new version.