Ubuntu installation

Tried installing manager in Ubuntu. Now their software centre and other app stores not displaying manager app. So downloaded the Linux version. I am new to Linux. Read guides and other forum posts and tried installing but no luck.
Can someone help me to install manager in Ubuntu.

Manager for Linux is released in the form of an AppImage.
Just download the appimage for Linux to your computer.
You will then need to make that appimage file executable which can be done either in Ubuntu’s file manager by right-clicking on the file and then in the Properties section of the dialogue select Permissions, and ticking the box that says “is executable” (or words to that effect). You can then launch manager by simply double-clicking on the appimage file.
This can also be accomplished from the command line using the chmod command
Just cd into the relevant directory and then
chmod +x Manager-x64.AppImage

Manager is distributed from its official web site: Download - Manager.io.

I am in relevant directory still got this error.
Note : I am using official raspberry pi version for ubuntu

See Search results for 'Raspberry Pi order:latest' - Manager Forum including Manager won't start with SQLite.SQLiteConnection exception - #39 by lubos and How to install on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Nothing worked for me.

If you want help, you will need to supply much more information as to what you are using, what you did and the messages, if any, that you got, step by step with screen images if possible

The message you showed above indicates that the download file is not in the directory you specified so either you downloaded it to a different folder, the download failed or you have a problem with access rights

I note that you are missing an x64 in the file name of the chmod command.

That’s because filename is Manager-x64.AppImage. The error message is correct.

Rasberry Pi to my knowledge is ARM-based only. This means you won’t be able to run x86-64 binaries. Currently ARM architecture is not supported. You need x86-64 machine.

I tried this and was terribly disappointed. I have no way to pin this to a task bar and it des not show in the programs menu. Each time I want to use it, I have to go to the download files and click on the file. How cheesy can you get? This is a really poor excuse for software development and I have no intention of using this anymore !! Excuse me while I slide over to Intuit !!

Maybe you should do just that if you cannot be bothered to learn how to manage a system.
I’ll leave you with a screenshot of my present Kubuntu 18.04 Desktop

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Copy the image file to your desktop. From there, right-click and change the permissions so that it is executable.

You can install Appimage-Launcher, which will make things easier for you.

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