Installation problem on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


I am trying to install on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but although the file is installed it does not open. I have now installed it using Software Centre and using the command line. Prior to installing on Software Centre I received the following error with the claim that this software is dangerous to install:

“Lintian check results for /home/mt/Downloads/Manager.deb:
E: manager-accounting: arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object opt/manager-accounting/
N: Some overrides were ignored, since the tags were marked “non-overridable”.
N: Use --verbose for more information.”

A similar error occurred (involving sqlite3) when we tried to install this software on a Linux Mint system.

Could somebody shed some light on how to deal with this, please?


This link is related to your question:

Basically, the software centre is reporting to you certain ‘points’ as they relate to Debian’s Policies.
They are not errors as such, and are just pointing out to you the lie of the land as they relate to Debian policies, typically or as often as not as they relate to “free” and “non-free” libraries or components.

Further information:-

or you could always run from the terminal:

man lintian

Another option would be to install and use the gdebi package installer, which is able to give you more details of lintian output/info when using it to install .deb packages.

Is this 32-bit Ubuntu or 64-bit Ubuntu?


Thanks for the replies. The ubuntu system is 64-bit and the Mint system is 32-bit. Either way Manager is not launching. The only way I know that it is actually installed is that is searchable in the Dash because I cannot even find it in Software Centre.

How about you try server edition first whether you at least get that working. Just make sure you are using 64-bit Ubuntu as recent builds won’t run on 32-bit system (32-bit will be fixed soon)


Would using the server edition provide valuable diagnostic information to my problem or is this an alternative solution (I see it costs $299 after the first year)?

You don’t have to pay. Just try to install it whether it works at all. This is to determine what is causing the issue with desktop edition.

I have installed the server edition as per the website’s instructions and it is running successfully. What does this mean for my desktop installation?