Install with Terminal

I used Ubuntu14.04 with Manager.
Now I installed Ubuntu 16.04. Something went wrong and now I have to Install with the Terminal. I need now to now what is the code/instructions needed to to type to install Manager. Sudo ?
Thank you

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/Manager.deb followed by sudo apt-get install -f

Have you referred to this previous topic

You can do what @Zark said or you can go to the directory where is located your downloads file (usually is “Downloads” folder) and in the folder press right click and click at the option “open in terminal”. It will look like this: user@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ and then use the code mentioned above without the directory: sudo dpkg -i Manager.deb. You should not have a problem at all. You can do this step every time you need to upgrade Manager too. It’s faster and simpler than opening the Software Center. If you can’t install the software this way maybe is because there are dependency problems. You should get the message in the terminal of your error or problem. If you get the error again try the sudo apt-get install -f to install dependencies. If this does not work for you then post the errors in the terminal in a comment so we can maybe try to help you more or search in Google for your error. Google helps a lot, there’s a ton of tutorials out there for Ubuntu and other Linux Distros. Good luck!