Unable to Open Manager

I’ve updated Manager to latest version and now I’m unable to open the software.

How can it be resolved

Try to completely uninstall and install again.

I uninstalled and installed new version but faced same problem. Now installed previous version working fine.

I’m facing same issue when I’m trying to update to newer version. Kindly help.

Try to uninstall the program, and then manually delete directly where Manager files have been installed.

Then install the program again.

If it’s still not working, then try to install without any antivirus being on. Just to make sure your antivirus is not quietly deleting newly installed files from your computer.

You still didn’t say what exactly you see when you click on Manager icon. Nothing happens? Or do you get any error?

While installing in between it’ll show can not find shortcut.

I disabled Antivirus and installed. Working fine now. Thank you lubos.