Lost inventory

Suddenly, the inventory was lost, respectively, production orders, purchase and sale invoices. What is the reason? How can they be restored?

You need to give a lot more information before anyone can help

Lost where?
What version of Manager?
What Operating System?
What was changed?

[quote=“Joe91, post:2, topic:45272”]
Lost where? I cant understand
What version of Manager?
What Operating System? windows
What was changed? deleted some inventories and changed sales and purchases invoices
[/quote] please help to restore. I see these inventories in Histry group Delete, but cant restore

On each deleted item click “View” and then “Undo”

I I tried but some invetiries still not restored

and I need to restore linked purchases and sales invoises

Same thing - you will have to find them in the History list and then View/Undo

and which edition of Manager are you using - Cloud, Server or Desktop?

Are you sure you mean inventories and not purchase invoices and sales invoices?

You need to restore your inventory items first

I use cloud edition

I several times push Undo but did not restore

You should start with undoing the top-one first and move down the list. The Sales Invoice you want to unde is from 06.07.2021 so down the list.

I wonder if you made any backups?

suddenly I did not make any backups

The backup button on each business is there for the user to ensure they regularly backup their business account in case things go wrong as you showed. The history file if undoing from most recent, one by one should help also but is no replacement for any backup.

Thank a lot!!! I ll try and inform

Suddenly you need to restart making backups.
You need multiple copies in multiple locations.
Your computer with the Manager data file on it should be automatically backed up regularly in addition to the manual backups.

Prior to trying to do the recovery after a loss you must also back up all you have (incase you make it worse).

well noted