Purchase order vanished?

I received a printed purchase order from an employee. When I go to check the PO in manager it isn’t there. I go to history and can’t find it being created, deleted or edited. I’m on the cloud version.

What am I missing?

Very likely, the purchase order was created, printed, and then the Create action in the History file was undone. That leaves no record. This is distinctly different from creating a transaction and then deleting it, which leaves a record of both the Create and Delete actions.

So as I’m the only one with admin privileges, I must have done it? It’s possible, but I rarely go through the history. It’s 2 different purchase invoices on the same day. For now I will assume I did it and forgot about it.

First, access is not controlled by administrative versus restricted status. Once a restricted user is created, access to individual features, tabs, and accounts must be set by permissions.

Second, permissions for purchase orders and purchase invoices are separate. Your subject is about purchase orders. Now you mention purchase invoices. Is it possible you set one but not the other?

Yeah sorry, I meant purchase orders.

But access to “History” is only for administrators or where is that set? Even if someone else deleted it there would be a record of it, but it’s like it never existed.

Read my earlier post more carefully. I did not say deleting a record leaves no trace. I said undoing the creation leaves no record. That is an important difference.

I think undo of create action from history should be disabled permanently, as user anyway has the choice of deleting the transaction, & this way a proper log can be maintained as well.
@lubos what do you think about this?

I completely disagree with this. It has rescued us often enough with for example a batch create or statement import going wrong that through the cleverness of the history you do not have to delete the entries one by one but can just undo the action via history in one click.

If you do not want people to access history in Cloud and Server editions then this should become part of user permission restrictions.

I need to be more careful with my wording, or maybe I’m still getting it wrong :smiley:

Access to history is only for Admin users right?

I double checked the user privileges and no other user has the right to delete and purchase order or purchase invoice, but even if they did I would see it in the history. As you pointed out only “undoing” the creation from the history would remove all traces.

Not right. It is at the moment not part of the user permissions system (only available in Cloud and Server Editions, for Desktop there is no such functionality and direct access for whoever uses the desktop.)

Therefore it should, like the email and attachments buttons be included in user permission settings so that the admin user can decide who should and who should not have.

I can’t see that option in the user settings. If I impersonate another user, history is not there.

It does not exist and thus we need to ask for it.