History Lost after Import

I backed up my business and imported it as a new business. Everything was restored but I lost all history.

Is there a way to recover lost history?

Did you include History when you backed up? If not, you will have to make another backup and include History. Read the Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager.

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What if the the backup didn’t include history?

Original business was deleted and new business imported from backup does not have history.

The cloud version has an automated backup. Can the original business be restored from a previous online copy somewhere?

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Try restoring your business here: https://cloud.manager.io. Of course, that assumes you were using the cloud edition.

I am also suffered from the same problem.

I’ve updated my server today. I found that my history empty.

Then I’ve imported the backup and also I found that the history is empty.

For new transactions the system register it in the history.

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Updating software should have no effect on History or any other aspect of your data. The data is kept elsewhere, and is not touched by an update.

This is what supposed to happen. But unfortunately it didn’t

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And you have provided no details or descriptions of what you have done, how things were set up, or anything else related to your claim. How do you expect to receive any help?

For me I don’t want any help. I gust confirmed that the same happened to me yesterday.

Same issue here. Running Desktop on Windows 10 Pro 21H1 build 19043.1165.

It seems that since v21.8.27, history entries made in v21.6.62 and earlier are gone, unless the business has been opened in v21.8.19-v21.8.26 before upgrading past v21.8.27.

i can confirm that there are issues with History.

i had updated Manager from version 21.1.14 to 21.9.10 and now that i checked the History tab, i see only transactions from the date and time of Manager update.

i also tried importing the old backup i created in 21.1.14 which included the history before updating Manager and now the History tab is empty for the backup file. I am on version 21.9.15 now.

maybe @lubos can check.
Manager desktop edition - Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 19043


I have just upgraded to 21.9.15 and I only have history going back to the 6th July 2021, which is the day before I last updated Manager. I was on version 21.7.1 or thereabouts after the 7th July.

I can’t recall if I checked the history in the last couple of months, so I don’t know if the 21.7.x version broke history or today’s update. I only discovered it now as I wanted to view the history to see what access my accountant actually needs.

If you are affected, in the latest version (21.9.26), you will see Fix History button on History screen in bottom-right corner which will recover your invisible history entries.


I can’t make this automatic because this is something that can take too long for businesses with a lot of history entries. Once you fix your history, the button will disappear. This is just one-off thing that fixes some issues in early implementation of History. It’s not relevant for new users of Manager.

I have downloaded the latest update and found the Fix History option. This seems to have restored my history back to the previous year 22 June 2020. This seems to be around the time that the new audit trail was implemented. I presume that this is correct? I can’t recall if the original history audit was deleted in favour of the current audit History system, or if there is a secondary problem.

@dalacor, your experience is what should happen.


Just wondering why not all 751 history entries can be recovered.

EDIT: OK, I see that the process is clicking on the 100 button until all entries are recovered.


Same reason the process was not made automatic. The number of actions could be tens of thousands and you might not need them all.

I already understood that. See my EDIT.

But there’s no way to select them. And the recovery is from oldest to newest i.s.o. the newest to oldest what would be more useful, so in your example you’ll have to click thousands of times to get to the most recent ones.

Well, @Mark, I do not see much reason to debate user interface characteristics of a feature that will be used once by a business and then vanish. There was a bug; the bug was fixed, but a little intervention by the user was required. End of story.

As a point of reference, of six live businesses, two of mine required fixing. Each took less than 30 seconds.

I’m currently evaluating Manager and all history was silently lost while upgrading from version 21.1.27 to 21.11.96. There’s no Fix History button as @lubos mentioned for version 21.9.26, so basically that history got lost. I have preserved a copy of the old databases so I can repeat this at will.

It’s a bit scary to realize that data was lost without warning just by running a newer version. I understand that the data is possibly still there in the database, but as I can’t run a previous version of Manager to access it, and it doesn’t appear to be extractable from the sqlite database, from a user point of view, that data is basically lost, History tracking is absolutely critical for the multi-user business that I’m setting up accounting for, and it’s one of the primary reasons why manager.io was so attractive. Can this data be recovered?