All stock missing from manager after Update

I am using Cloud edition.

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please follow the post below.

All the time is fine…just this morning i find out this problem…because somebody update Manager and all stock is missing now

Even i am facing the same problem.
My inventory in hand shows only the complete purchase orders.
There’s no decrease in stock as per the sale invoices till date.
Happened like an hour ago only.
Not able to track my stock anymore.
Kindly help urgent.

Yes same story i have…ALL working properly…Exept STOCK…

Kindly help urgent. SOS

i had already directed you to the proper page where its already being discussed.

You directed…To discussion…But i need my stock urgent…And Why you do changes without permisions

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How to come back to previous version???

When you do an update, do you save the download locally before installing the update.
If yes, then uninstall last update and re-install the previous download.

Is this an automatic version update, Or the user updated it?. If user updated it he is suppose to keep a backup. The best practice is to maintain a backup schedule daily/weekly and monthly.

All updates are done by the user, there are no automatic updates.
Having a backup in this case wont help, they need an earlier edition of the programme…

All updates definetly not done by user…all changes i found this morning when start use Manager

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Are You using Cloud edition

Yes i use cloud edition…

I want to come back to previous version…how to do this…Please

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With Cloud edition you can’t

Then you loose customer…

that reply will break donald, if data is user responsibility, surely the developer will have the previous version. or some one can still have the previous version of the .msi if you talking about. or may be some one who recently downloaded the previous can look into his download folder.

And please tell me, how i do this update version, i am gonu try it now with taking a backup of the program. :slight_smile:

I am just a user like you, not the developer.