Inventory problem

i was working on inventory regularly today all of a sudden all inventrory items are showing zero where as all purchase and sale invoices still show up also no reports connected to inventory are showing any balances also accounts reports nothing shows up please guide me what happned.

What version of manager are you using?
Have you set the dates for the reports correctly?
Show some screen images of the problem - no one can help you when you state the problem as you have. There could be a myriad of causes

i am using cloud i will put the screen shot


Thank you but the screen image is not showing the full screen.

Are you using the Delivery Notes and Goods Received tabs?

Can you show the edit transactions for one item, the item definition edit screen

i am using purchase and sales invoice and using the inventory all purchased-sold items use to show in inventory but today disappeared please see screen

You have activated the Goods received tab.

Have you read the inventory guides, and in particular Manage inventory - Part 2 Continuation
where it has the caution

I think this is the explanation for your problem

Luckily, you have not entered any Goods Received Note so you can disable the tab

i found that some date issue is there all entries before june 1st are not showing in inventory buy if i do new purchase entry from stock item after 1st june it shows in the inventory can you guide me on this issue

Have you set a starting date?
If you have the Goods Received tab activated. Purchase Invoices do not affect the inventory levels

Please read the guide I linked to

Also why do you have an account OPENING STOCK?

Thanks to Got it sorted it was the starting date issue in starting balance

Good, but do take heed of my cautions on the Goods Received tab or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble in the future

Thanks I will try to look into that to understand the same