Cannot Locate File to Import to Cloud Edition from Desktop

I have been using the desktop edition for several years on an iMac. Today, the desktop version was no longer on my computer and when I went to download the free desktop version and install it, I received the error code information that my computer no longer has the required OS X system for the new download. I am at the end of the upgrades for my iMac’s year so I can’t get the new desktop version. I thought I could do the free trial of the cloud edition and then transfer information to my newer laptop; but, I cannot find the data file for the import. I have searched for any files with “manager” or the name of the business, but do not find any files for import. Would anyone have any help with this, aside from using an older backup version? Normally when I have updated the desktop version it downloads and installs without a hitch.

Thank you in advance, Mike

Use the backup button that appears just below the top-right corner when you open up a business. This will save a backup file that you can import to the cloud.

Well, as I mentioned, I can’t open the business

Your data file is in your application data folder, which is hidden on a Mac. See this Guide for background information:

On your Mac, the path name will be:

/Users/Username/.local/share/Manager where Username is your user name on the computer. To make the files visible, press CMD + SHIFT + . (that’s a period). Pressing that combination again will toggle back to regular view.

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Thanks Tut that did it!

Start by copying one of your many backups or your Manager data file.
Unfortunately if you have not had a robust backup routine in the past, it is very likely there is not a solution you will find palatable.

If that is the situation you find you self in then the best you can to is backup what you can find and hope you do not destroy anything else while looking / experimenting. Finding and backing up the application data file is your most critical data.

On it’s own that statement does not make any sense but raises serious concerns.

  • Is your hardware failing?
  • Is some one deleting files they shouldn’t?
  • Do you have a virus?

If any of the above are occurring your problems are much greater than getting Manager to work again.

You have to maintain compatibility between

  • Manager data file (it is modified by some later versions of the Manager program and these changes can not be undone, you can only use a back up you made prior to using the later version of Manager).
  • Manager program. Later versions are regularly released. Versions are specific for operating systems (and 32/64 bit on Windows).
  • Operating system

Manager offers good support going forwards, conversely when you can’t go forwards or need to try and go back for some reason much greater user care is required.

The Manager program is well backed up. To restore the version of the program you had on your Mac you will need to know what version you had. Possibly a screen capture, memory of when you last updated it, and some experimenting.