Manager Won't Open on Mac

Manager wouldn’t open on my MacBook Air. It would show Manager in the top left but not show a screen or give options. Reinstall didn’t work either.

Does anyone know where the file is saved that it opens when you start it? I was in the process anyway to switch from my MacBook Air to my Mac mini. I have it installed on my Mac mini and it loads. I just need the file to import.

Did you follow these installation instructions exactly:

When you launch the application, the only thing opened is the application itself, which should have been in your Applications folder. When you open a business, the program calls a data file stored in your application data folder. That folder is hidden. See this Guide:

To move a business from one computer to another, you need to make a backup on the first computer, then add that backup as an imported business to the second computer. See

@tut thanks for the reply.

I did follow those instructions a couple years ago when I installed it. Everything has been find until about 3-4 days ago.

This is the screen I get when I launch Manager now. Absolutely nothing with the exception of it saying Manager in the top left.

Is there a way to find the data file in the Applications Folder? I am on a Mac. The instructions there weren’t very clear. I just need it to load the file so I can make a backup to open on the Mac mini and move on.

OK, now we are getting somewhere. Since I wasn’t able to click “Preferences” on the MacBook Air I opened it up and looked on the Mac mini assuming that it would be the same. Went back to the MacBook Air and found the file. Clicked to open it and I am getting this message.

Where do I go from here?

UPDATE!!! We have success. I tried opening that file on the MacBook Air. The computer that wouldn’t load it so that I could back it up and then open that backup on the new computer. It gave me the error message.

I thought why not try transferring the file to my Mac mini and import it as a new business and VIOLA! It worked!!!

I’m glad you’ve resolved things, @26enterprises. But, for the record, let’s look at some of what you’ve posted.

That screen is not Manager. It’s the forum on a browser, probably Safari. But it shows the Manager menu bar. You’ve got a problem with the macOS operating system that would probably be resolved by a restart.

Yes, and that way is explained in the Guide I linked to in the second paragraph of my first response. That’s why I sent the link.

In short, your difficulty was caused by an operating system problem, not anything with Manager.

Actually that is not a web browser. I thought that too. The “Manager” program is transparent. Because it didn’t pull anything up. So it was showing the screen beneath it. I think something is wrong with the Manager program installed on that Mac. I am just glad perfect timing that my new Mac mini came today and I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks again.