Lost autofill Description on Purchase Invoices and Payments

Going back over a couple of invoices and and then associated payments I have noticed that the Description has become blank in the table on my Purchase Invoices or Payments, where historically this would autofill from the headline description.

The details I have been putting in the headline description have been more than enough for me and I was very happy with the Autofill in the table being the same.

However somewhere in the last updates that I have run:

  • 3 June 2016
  • 5 August 2016
  • updated today 12 August v16.8.32

The Autofill has stopped working, and has also cleared out some historical autofills dating back to 10/5/2016, on this date I have to purchases that I entered, one of which still has the autofill information the other is now blank. Everything from this date forward is now blank were I relied on the Autofill. Payments also are displaying the same effect.

This is a purchase on the 10/5/2016 were the autofill still exists, followed by a purchase shortly after on the same day where the Autofill data is now missing.

^ Autofill description exists on this purchase invoice

^ Autofill description from this point in time onwards is missing on Purchase Invoices

I am hopping I have missed something simple and you can point me in the right direction.

You’d be surprised how many people have been complaining about behavior you came to appreciate.

Right now, if description on line item is empty, it will show empty on printed document. This is what most people have expected to see. There is no point to repeat the same description twice.

However, I do agree with you. It looks kind of ugly if there is no description. Very soon, Manager will auto-fill description again but it will be the name of item or name of account which was selected on line item.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Lubos.

I look forward to Manager putting something back in there :slight_smile:

@Phild: Shouldn’t your “headline description” have been something like “Accommodations” or “Airfare” and your item description have been something like “Grand Hotel, 12-13 May” or “MEL-SYD-MEL 12-13 May”? The item description is where each individual expenditure is enumerated. The “headline description,” as you called it, is where the general reason for the invoice is specified. The two invoices you posted happened to include only a single item on each, but you might have had a single purchase invoice that included more than one ticket or more than one hotel stay on it. In that case, it would make no sense for the “headline” to be any more specific than “Accommodations” or “Airfare,” and you certainly wouldn’t have wanted the line-item descriptions all to take up the general “headline.” It makes sense for the general situation to inform the specific – and not the other way around.

Trust me @lubos many more will appreciate auto fill up than never. Like the way Transfer module works. Even if you don’t put anything in the relevant fields, Manager puts relevant account/description automatically as inflows and outflows with proper description. Looking forward to see same feature for other invoice/receipts. Good luck.

@raJ, check the latest version (16.8.53). It will automatically generate description if it’s not entered manually.

I like the new setup but i used to export the inventory sales to xl and in the older version it used to display the
Date Transaction # Description Contact Inventory Item Tax Qty Amount

but now it only displays

Date Transaction # Description Contact Tax Qty Debit Credit Balance

is there any way that the inventory item can also be visible ?
Tried posting this message but I did not get a reply. It would be of great help if you could point me in the right direction.

thanks @lubos well done

Excellent work and turnaround time, Thanks to you Lubos and the team.