Description missing from Payments and Receipts after the last upgrade

I just updated to 16.5.85, and the description inside the tables disappeared from all the Payments and Receipts. How can I fix this?

Can you give an example what sort of description? Did you enter those descriptions explicitly in the program when entering those payments and receipts?

I think what @Arrigo may be referring to is the fact that recent changes now include quantity, price, and description columns. Nothing appears in the description column unless the former default text was overwritten/edited. Before these changes, when a summary description was entered, it automatically carried down to the line item description and remained unless edited. Now, for those older transactions, only the description summary line remains.

I’m not sure why the summary no longer carries down. I personally find that inconvenient, but you may have had a good reason for the change, @lubos.


Yes. I used to have the description summary line carried also inside the table, in the “description” column.
Now, the tables only have the summary line on top, and the amount inside. It’s odd to have nothing under “description”. Is there any way to copy the summary line for the whole block of payments and receipts, instead of editing every one of them individually? Thanks.

@Arrigo, there is going to be an improvement where Manager will automatically show some generated description if description field is empty.


Thank you! Looking forward to getting the update.

im not able to see the description even if i have a single payments/receipts in a transaction.
i have to enter description in the main description of a transaction to make it display in the cash account view.

This is the same issue mentioned earlier in the thread.

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