Bank Account Description field empty

Click on bank account, select VIEW transaction, and Description field is empty. Very hard to check transaction details when this important information is missing.

This doesn’t happen to me. I’ve looked at all types of transactions that produce entries to bank or cash accounts, and every description I have entered is reproduced.

There’s been problems with various fields not having their data displayed in all areas of the program. If I enter a transaction in the bank account a description will be visible when I view it. If I enter via a purchase invoice it won’t.

I tried to replicate your problem and cannot. A description entered on a purchase invoice shows up when selecting View on the transaction in the bank account from which the purchase invoice was paid. As I wrote before, I’ve tried every type of transaction I can think of that generates activity in a bank account. In every case, the description carries forward and is viewable from wherever the transaction was entered.

There are many cases where descriptions from transactions wouldn’t flow into general ledger (or they flow but don’t match user’s expectations).

But since there are too many cases where this happens and sometimes I’m not even sure what user would expect, I typically wait for someone to complain before it’s corrected. I assume this is the case here too.

@Rob_Darling, could you please provide steps in order to reproduce this specific issue?

If I select Purchase Invoices from the menu selection I have a table containing details, including the descriptions I have entered in the Purchase Invoice. I can see these from the table presented and they remain if I select the option to view the individual purchase invoice.

I sometimes spend money directly from my business bank account so I select Bank Accounts from the menu options, select the relevant account that I wish to work with and once again I am presented with a table showing transactions including the description field. However, descriptions that pertain to purchase invoices are blank, and if I select to view the transaction the description field remains blank.

However, if I choose to spend or transfer money from that account then the description is correctly available.

If I am viewing transactions in my selected bank account and checking them against my bank statement it would be nice to see the corresponding description field which will act as a reminder as to what it was I purchased for the given sum of money.

Additionally, if I select Reports, Tax Transactions I notice most dates have no descriptions from purchase invoices available either!

  • Using V15.0.18, by the way.

Create Purchase Invoice with description…

purchase invoice created…

pay purchase invoice…

note description field is empty. Now go to relevant bank account…

nothing to see here in description. Click view to drill in further…

Not helpful at all!

Please can you fix this? When looking at a screen full of transactions with no descriptions it’s hard to track where money is being spent.

That is as designed. When you look at the payment form, there is a Description field which has been left empty. That’s why description is empty on list of transactions and payment print out.

So if you leave description field empty, what would you expect to see in description? I’m not patronizing, just asking what should Manager display to match your expectations.

But if you look at the PI there is a description. Is this not passed to the payment form? What’s the point of this description then?!

I’m still not happy with this! Why can’t the description I enter into the purchase invoice be passed through to the following transactions on that invoice? What I have to do now is write a description into the PI and then copy it and paste it into the description field when I go to spend money. This is not fluid - am I really missing something?!

So… I am NOT leaving the description blank in the first place.

On the purchase invoice description I enter " buy items X X X X"
I may have a 2 week gap to pay for these items to get an additional 5% reduction so I add a due date of 2 weeks to remind me.
In that 2 weeks I may buy more items which add on to the due date but I try to pay for all invoices in one transaction (to save fees) before the original due date to get the extra discount.
On the original due date, I pay for all invoices that are due. There may be an additional 4 invoices that I pay for so in the transaction description I enter “pay invoices xxxx, xxxx, xxxx & xxxx” with the reference number I add on the top of each invoice to put in my records.
It wouldn’t work if descriptions carried forward to spend money transactions.

Apologies if I have not understood your original post.

How about in “Description” on payment, it will show “Purchase invoice #123” which will be clickable. When you click it, it will take you to the that invoice. Would that work for you?

I think he simply means that the selected inventory items on the invoice creation stage and the other entered details must automatically be clearly displayed on the Invoice to be given to the supplier or customer.
I have numbered the items i am talking about on the creation stage and attached the image.


That what you described being clickable would be great!
If you had other purchase invoices from the same supplier could they be included too e.g. “Purchase invoice #123 #124 #125

Hi Lubos,

That’d be perfect. Sorry, reply is later than expected but I’ve not been around on the forum for a little while, been busy working! :smile: