Loading Preview

When i click PRINT button to print sale invoice, “Loading Preview” screen appear and is stuck and can not load document to print.

Please some one help.


This is most likely a problem of your operating system.

But it would help if you specify what edition (Desktop, Server, Cloud), platform (PC, Mac, …) and version of Manager you are using

Also it is better to use a screen copy rather than a photo to upload screen images

Have you made any changes to your system since it last worked?
Can you print from other programs?

Thank for your reply,
We are using Cloud Server in Desktop PC window 10.

It can print from other machine


Agree this is the useful test.
Or can you print other web sites from that browser on that machine.
It does sound as though Printing from that web browser on that machine is likely to be the problem (ie a fault independent of Manager)

It can print now from by logging in from “Super Administrator” account

Much Thank for you time.