Sales invoice print with product photo

We put product photo with html code.
at Sales Invoice when we print to printer, we can see photo

when we click pdf, system show unsupported file format

guide me which file type will be use to show at pdf

Most likely, your image is too large. Reduce its resolution until the file size is no more than 250 KB. What file format did you use?

I will try and revert to you

my file size is only 2.x kb

file type is jpeg
help me check how to proceed

While some users have reported success (with some operating systems) with network storage or even storage on the local machine, the Guide specifies using web-accessible URLs as image sources. Try using

<img src="">

in a test. That should produce a picture of an apple.

This solution works fine and the same is if you use this in custom fields but there is an issue when pressing the PDF button, it does not include the picture…
Without changing anything on the same machine, you can see a screenshot of the invoice when displayed in Manager and the second image is a screenshot of the exported PDF (using the PDF button).
I am using local server version 19.2.23

1apple 2error

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As I tried to test for this problem, I experienced a different issue. I am using version 19.2.26 on a Mac. On screen, a sales invoice looks like this:

But a PDF generates correctly:


But I don’t think this is a Manager issue. In my case, I think it has something to do with my operating system. What operating system are you using?

Both server and workstation are running on Windows 10.
I just had an eye-opener now, it was the firewall rules on the server not allowing the Manager to access the Internet directly to fetch the image!
Silly mistake but that is how it is and could be the case on your desktop machine in case you have the Manager server version.
My issue has been solved.