Printing issue in latest update 18.3.29

hello dear developers.
i updated my manager to latest version 18.3.29. until that time i facing a problem regarding Printing.
my manager can not print invoice in any way.
if i click on print button a popup for saving invoice is open, if i save it invoice save with a explorer linked file, if i open it and try to print it again open the popup for saving invoice.

plz help me.

your question is not clear.
what edition are you using? desktop, cloud or server edition?
are you using the Print button or PDF button?
are you getting any errors?
some screenshots will help to understand your problem better.

i am using desktop edition.

this is what hapend when i press the print button.

then invoice save it in this formate.

after opening it and try to print the invoice. again save in a folder.

saved and open the invoice as above shown.
at this point if i again try to print the file it repeated from the 1st step again.

make sure necessary printer drivers are installed and you do not have issues printing from other sources.
are you able to generate a pdf file?
use the PDF button to generate a pdf copy and print from there.

Somehow your pdf files are now associated with explorer and your system default printer has changed.

Thanx all for your time and help.
its my printer driver fault.
which resolved now.
thanx thanx and thanx alot.

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