"lldb" crash on Mac

Running Yosemite 10.10.5. Manager v.16.11.44 desktop version.

6 month user of Manager, +/-. Fledgling small sole proprietor LLC, pretty simple transactions. This has been happening for the last several versions of Manager I have run.

Random crashes when selecting navigation links in the program, I don’t see any pattern to it.

I’ve attached the crash splash screen. I also have the Apple system Problem Report text if that is of use to you; it’s long so I’m not posting it immediately unless you need it.

lldb.pdf (26.7 KB)

the lldb error is something that’s resulting from the requirement of the debugger to work out what’s going wrong. Since you don’t have xcode installed, you’re just being told you can’t see the debug info since it can’t run.

You’ll probably have to wait til @lubos can have a look at it.

I’m also a mac user (El Cap, 10.11.6—I’d suggest you’re not on 10.6 as Yosemite is 10.10), that probably has little to do with it, but don’t rule it out.

There could be many factors causing it, you’re on a fairly recent version, just add some more info if you can to help lubos diagnose:

  • navigation links: are you talking about dollar value links on the right hand side of the screen? or tabs on the left? (or up the top?)
  • There have been many advancements over the last few months, have you also installed anything you may think could be contributing to it? any adobe software running? There’s been a bit of work in the PDF generation side of things lately.
  • best evidence is “exactly” what you were doing at the time:
  • I selected the suspense value from the summary screen
  • It happened in the settings screen
  • basically anything you can add (some examples) may spark some insight.

You’re only a small number behind on manager, but always update to the latest version anyway, you never know when something may have been “inadvertently” fixed.

Good luck with your problems, and best of luck to your “fledgling small sole proprietary” business


Yes – typo on OS version; it is 10.10.5. Original post corrected.

Thanks. It really is random and I don’t see a pattern. It has happened selecting from the tab bar at the top of the Manager window, from the tab bar to the left, drilling down through the dollar value links, and while selecting edit and view buttons. But I will start logging the specific instances going forward.

I’m running a pretty vanilla system, I don’t think it is conflicts with other software. No particular recent installations; just updates. I do have old versions of Adobe: Acrobat 8, and CS3 suite of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. They may or may not be open, but usually not. Acrobat Reader is up-to-date, but I rarely use it.

This looks like what happens when you try to use the macOS print dialog to scale printed output. That is a known behavior problem. I have never seen this behavior for any other reason. (Doesn’t mean it’s not possible, of course.) Logging the exact sequence that produces it will be key to diagnosing.

It just happened again. Here is the sequence:

  1. Opened Manager after downloading latest version, 16.11.57
  2. Clicked the “About Manager” tab at top of window.
  3. Clicked the “www.manager.io” link to open Safari web browser window to navigate to forum.
  4. After reading forum, returned to Manager window. Clicked the “Businesses” tab at top of window.
  5. Application immediately crashed, generating the “lldb” splash box.

I have copied and retained the Apple Problem Report log associated with this crash.

I just downloaded and installed v16.11.57; everything works perfectly, so there is no bug in the program or problem with the download bundle. That means it is something on your side. I’ll invite @lubos into this conversation. He may be able to help.

Thanks. I have now been able to duplicate it three more times with this set of actions.

I will have to be walked through installing the Xcode debugging tools. I downloaded it but when the crash happens now, I get a dialog box that asks for a “Developer Tools group” user login. But I have to force quit the non-responsive Manager application in order to cancel that dialog box.

Now this is a completely new dialog message from what you showed before. Just to double-check, did you install your update exactly as described in the Guide below? And have you modified any of the default file locations?

Yes, that is the download procedure I am using. I also follow the instructions and, in my case, append the version name to the file in order to preserve the previous version if I need to revert. No file locations have been modified as shown in the Application Data box of the screenshot.

It’s a different dialog message because I went ahead and downloaded Xcode when I got another crash. So now it wants to debug the problem, but I haven’t done anything to set up “a user in the ‘Developer Tools’ group to allow this.”

This might be the problem. The download for Mac is actually a bundle. I don’t know what might happen if you end up with manually assigned program and/or file names with appended info. Try downloading everything by default. Since you appended something to the currently installed version, it will still be there. Open the newly installed “pure” Manager version and see what happens. If this resolves the issue, you can always rename things before downloading new updates, rather than changing the download itself.

And, by the way, if you follow the procedures in the Guide I sent you the link to, and choose the option to keep both versions, macOS will automatically renumber the newly installed version, so no need for you to do it yourself.

I was downloading by default until this last time and experienced the crashes through multiple earlier versions. I do not think the issue relates to naming of the application versions. I decided to change the Mac default naming structure to the version number so I could more easily keep track of the version without having to open it up.

OK. It was just an idea. We’ll have to wait and see if @lubos has any ideas.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this crash on Mac following these steps? It’s not possible for me to fix it if it cannot be reproduced by more people.

I’m on Mac OSX 10.11.6 (ElCap), using Manager 16.11.80 (I can’t go back to 57 since the data file is now with the later version).

Following the above steps I get no crash. My manager has been rock solid for a while, the last crash I recall was to do with the print dialog. Nothing else since.

@HeritageArts, when it comes to the developer tool user, it’s just you (if you are also the administrator). If not, and have you administrator access, just enter those credentials. The developer tools require admin access to do their debugging. However, since you don’t have the source code (ie it’s not your project you are debugging) you are likely NOT to get anything useful from it. Although I WOULD recommend giving it a go since it may present a dialog box with the mono/manager module that has caused the grief.

Notwithstanding this, the generic apple error report * that get’s generated should provide enough usable information for @lubos to use. I know it’s lengthy, but you could always copy and paste it and send it to his email, or drop it into a http://pastebin.com/ type service. The information in it is anonymised, although as you can see in my example, I have removed just the UUIDs, just because :stuck_out_tongue:

This information, may or may not help lubos get to the bottom of it. This one here is one generated just from the print dialog which I can force by trying to change the scale to 0% :smiley:

* although I say “generic apple error report”, I’m not sure if this is more advanced since I have the debugging tools installed or not. I suspect it IS generic (non-XCode specific), but I’m not sure.

@d3mad, yes that is the “generic apple error report.” It is the same format I was getting when I had my crashes.

I do have an admin account (regular use is just a standard user), but entering those credentials during the last crash still did not allow me to log in.

But here’s the good news: I can no longer reproduce the crash using the steps I previously outlined. It hasn’t crashed for the last couple of versions, I am now at 16.11.86.

I’m wondering if resolving my other issue in this thread bears any relationship to the crash…ah the mysteries of life.

Well, disregard my previous post. I didn’t follow the crash steps exactly. I just forced another crash. And it appears this time that entering the administrator credentials was successful in invoking the debugging tools. The resulting screen looks pretty much the same as the “generic” screen I was getting before. Of course, it’s all greek to me so you can take that with the proper measure of salt…

I think you have something else going on, @HeritageArts. In my three years using Manager on a Mac, I have encountered only four problems that were not output or formatting bugs/inconsistencies:

  1. A freeze problem when the Manager window was left open in the background. It was unpredictable, could be remedied by relaunching the application, and never caused any data problems. It was resolved in October 2015 and no one has reported it since.

  2. A crash problem when trying to scale printing in the macOS print dialog box. This has been reported by several users, but so far as I know, there is no plan to try to correct it. Instead, the developer has concentrated on the internal PDF generator. In fact, he originally removed the Print button, but brought it back when there were initial problems with the PDF feature. I do not know what the long-term plans might be, but if there is ever a need to print at a smaller or bigger scale, you could do that from a PDF.

  3. Three times that I know of there were bundling or certificate errors for the Mac download. These were fixed almost instantly.

  4. There were some problems with Mono version updates. This led to discussion about whether Mono should be removed from the Mac download bundle, forcing Mac users to keep Mono up to date on their own. The backlash from Mac users who didn’t even know what Mono was led to a decision to keep bundling it, although that makes the Mac download much larger than for other operating systems.

My point is that over all that time, having performed literally dozens if not hundreds of updates, I have never seen the random crashes you describe. Nor have others reported them. While #2 above generates the same “lldb” error message you first posted, the problem itself is perfectly and predictably repeatable.

I wonder whether you have any installed “monitoring” programs that purport to watch for malware, viruses, or other things. Sometimes such programs run constantly in the background and can contribute to glitches in your mainstream applications.