Limitation on number of records for Batch Delete

Dear Admin,

When i Try to Make batch delete and chose 1000 its not deleted can you help me and need to delete 1000 in one

You can delete only what is displayed. Adjust the number of records displayed at one time in the lower left corner:

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 6.25.47 AM

Be aware that Manager will not allow you to delete transactions referenced by other transactions.

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Dear ,
If you check there is 1000 but when i chose it and make delete the transaction did not deleted

Did you read and follow the Guide: Use the Batch Delete function | Manager?

Dear ,

I already read batch delete but i mention that the system does not accept to delete more than 100 one time

The maximum selection available depends on the number of items currently in that tab.

can you explain more

The list will contain 50 items by default.

At the bottom left of the page, you can change this to 100, 200, etc up to the max - which is the total items available to display

When you do a batch delete, only the number of items shown in the list are available to be deleted so by default this is 50.

If you want to delete more at one time, then you need to select a larger number to be in the display

I too faced the same issue a while ago, If I select more than 100 items in one go, none of them gets deleted.

I don’t know if it is there by design or if it’s a bug or maybe it’s just something to do with the internet connection.

The ability to show more entries was added to enable tab operators to process more entries simultaneously. So if this is what it’s doing then it sounds like a bug

So far, we have heard nothing from @Muhammad_Alali to suggest that is happening. We have heard only requests for additional explanation, without any indication he has tried the solutions offered.

Morning @Tut, let me see if I can help…

I definitely fails once you select the 250 of more row indicators. And here is the reason.
The Javascript code that handles this process simply joins all the keys (uuids) together to create a url. Unfortunately, the length of the url is too long. So for 250 items the length is 9,292 characters."POST", batchDeleteUrl+'&Keys=' + keys.join(','));

Edit: Actually my original suggestion will never scale for large numbers of items so…
I suggest that lubos change it so the keys are split up into blocks of 100 or so and process that way.

The following is a StackOverflow response to the google search “maximum length of post data to html”

The POST method allows sending far more data than the GET method, which is limited by the URL length - about 2KB. The HTTP client (browser or other user agent) can have its own limitations. Therefore, the maximum POST body request size is min(serverMaximumSize, clientMaximumSize)


Dear Tut,

i will say again when i try to delete more than 100 batch the system nit accepting or not deleted the batch he only accept to delete 100 or less


  • The forum works by the users helping other users to get the most out of Manager.

  • By far the majority of problems with the program are caused by user error. So first line help is to confirm the new user is actually using the program as it was designed to be used.

  • Occasionally a user identities a bug in Manager (not just a change they want or an error in their usage).

  • When a true bug is found, to be useful in it’s correction, the bug must be defined is such a way it is reproducible.

@Muhammad_Alali your description gets to somewhere within point 2. Fortunately for you, two other experienced users have independently verified the issue so it maybe addressed.

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Dear Patch,

First Thanks for you reply and second i am using manager from 2 years and it’s wonderful system and i advised all my friends to use it but some times i faced some issue with it so because that i ask for help from admin or another users they have information to help me .