Added ability to do "Batch create", "Batch update" and "Batch delete"

Where can I see this function?

You can create, update or delete inventory items in batch. When you are viewing Inventory Items tab, you will see three buttons in bottom-right corner.

see: Manager Cloud

I was wanting to delete a few inventory items with certain code prefix. Can you confirm the best steps for batch deleting as just create and update is in the guide.

Batch delete will delete all unused items. So careful with this feature. I will be adding option to search & check what you actually want to delete for more granular batch delete operations.

Great. I thought that’s what should happen, so I’ll wait. (search for prefix, check/uncheck which ones I want to delete, then select batch delete)

The batch delete doesn’t give you option to select the lines you want to delete, or am I missing something?

Yeah, batch delete needs to be improved. Right now, it will delete all items which are not linked to anything else. (e.g. inventory items which haven’t been used yet)

It’s useful when you import inventory items and realize you did it wrong and want to quickly delete them.

I should just add a checkbox to batch delete to select which specific items to delete, right?

Exactly, a check box will complete it.
i may want to delete 40 lines from 80 lines


As recording my invoices from excel i always doing batch creation but today when i creat batch as in excel file with the codes, after importing them into manager the numbers and tracking codes are disappearing. Customer names etc are ok but the amounts are not reflecting to record.

I have tried to change the number format on excel before batching but it didn’t work.

They are all zero, anyone who experienced this before? Or it doesn’t work for the new version of manager ?

Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you

What edition of Manager are you using (Desktop, Cloud, Server) and version number?

Have you updated since the last batch creation?

One possibility is that the recent update to allow the use of custom currencies may have added new fields to the batch creation file and you may not be populating these new fields

Hi Joe,

I’m cloud user. Version: 20.2.66

In order to check the problem, i copy old records from batch update. When i try to creat duplicate record by using batch creation. Problem still continues…

Something is missing but i can not figure out so far…

@FerhatAL, the invoices were obviously created, or you would not have been able to show the screen shot you did. So provide some screen shots to illustrate a single example. Show the Edit screen for the sales invoice. Show the Excel input you think you used for the Batch Create function. Show the Edit screen for the customer involved.

It is almost impossible to troubleshoot on the basis of a small snippet of a list.

Hi @Tut,

I have sent the files and screenshots to in terms of customer privacy… I can forward it to you if you share your mail with me.


No, thank you. If you cannot adequately obscure proprietary information, I want no responsibility for protecting your information. Understand that without this information, no one on the forum can offer help.

ıf this not work i will share in here with the limited ss.

I manually creat a sales invoice. Then i go to batch update and copy the record that i recently saved. Then i try to creat duplicate record but no effect , still the amount in the invoice is zero…

As I wrote, we need screen shots of Edit screens, and so forth.

@FerhatAL Could you reproduce the issue in a test company or with dummy customers / data to illustrate the behavior you are experiencing.

That way you could post screen shots without violating privacy requirements.

Sorry for late reply. After contacted with support team a version updated has been realized and the problem is solved.

Thanks for your interest
Have a safe day