Added ability to do "Batch create", "Batch update" and "Batch delete"


Where can I see this function?


You can create, update or delete inventory items in batch. When you are viewing Inventory Items tab, you will see three buttons in bottom-right corner.



I was wanting to delete a few inventory items with certain code prefix. Can you confirm the best steps for batch deleting as just create and update is in the guide.


Batch delete will delete all unused items. So careful with this feature. I will be adding option to search & check what you actually want to delete for more granular batch delete operations.


Great. I thought that’s what should happen, so I’ll wait. (search for prefix, check/uncheck which ones I want to delete, then select batch delete)


The batch delete doesn’t give you option to select the lines you want to delete, or am I missing something?


Yeah, batch delete needs to be improved. Right now, it will delete all items which are not linked to anything else. (e.g. inventory items which haven’t been used yet)

It’s useful when you import inventory items and realize you did it wrong and want to quickly delete them.

I should just add a checkbox to batch delete to select which specific items to delete, right?


Exactly, a check box will complete it.
i may want to delete 40 lines from 80 lines