Updated version?

I have been using manager for years now and I absolutely love it. I believe the version I have is Manager 14.8.36.

Is there an updated free version? I have started adding employees to my business and would like to use the payslip tool but my current version does not allow me to edit the settings in payslip.

I use the downloaded free version only.

If a new version is available (that will solve my paystub problem) can you also include a link to the instructions of backing my current one up and loading it into the new version? I am not very good at this kind of stuff and don’t want to lose years of accounting in the process.


You are literally several thousand versions behind. Download the latest by clicking DESKTOP EDITION in the menu bar at the top of the forum page. You will find the program much improved. See the GUIDES link in the menu, as well.

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