Upgrading Manager for payroll

How do I update my version of Manager - I still do not have payroll coming up in my settings - is this because I need to update my version?

Also is it possible to create reports for each individual bank account. My reports are coming up as both under the business name, but I’d like to view them separately?

What version are you using? Generally you have to enable two tabs, Employees and Payslips. Have a look at Guides | Manager

Not sure what you mean by report for individual bank account. If you need to see list of transactions posted against individual bank account, go to Bank Accounts tab, then click on bank account name and you will see list of all transactions for that bank account.

I have two bank account under one business name and I’d like to be able to get a report from each on separately and together.

Yeah but what do you want that report to show? Only list of transactions or something else?

I’d like to see income, expenses, tax payroll etc as it comes out of different accounts but under the same business. I’d like to mearly be able to get any of the reports listed but for each separate account. Another question - When I pay tax for employees it is lusted under one payment category - staff tax which is fine for BAS but when we have to do year end group certificates I need tax for each employee. Must I have expense account for each employee
eg Jane tax, Jane salary, Jane Super
John tax, John Salary, John Super
Thats how I’ve done it in the mean time but then it doesn’t clear from the liability account - still struggling with that - the salaries clears but the tax and super don’t.