Junk characters on generting pdf


Manager is showing correct Hindi fonts in Invoice but when pdf is generated its showing junk characters. But is showing correct fonts when Inv is printed to PDF Printer. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 gnome, is there is missing some thing like fonts etc.

I will need to reproduce this. Can you copy & paste some Hindi characters here (rather than being in the screenshot which I can’t copy & paste)

समसामयिक वार्षिकी 2018

टाइपराइटर एण्ड कम्प्यूटर टाइपिंग

यू.जी.सी. नेट/जे.आर.एफ. परीक्षा सॉल्वड् पेपर्स राजनीति विज्ञान

यू.जी.सी. नेट/जे.आर.एफ./सेट शिक्षाशास्त्र (द्वितीय प्रश्न–पत्र)

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.4.95)

thnx a lot sir Ji