Nepali Unicode is not correctly converted into PDF

I tried to convert the invoice into pdf from the pdf button in the manager sales invoice tab but the Unicode characters in Nepali language did not print correctly. For example ‘रू’ prints as ‘र ू’. Although the print command prints correctly from the printer and any pdf maker software such as acrobat pdf. the problem with other pdf makers is they add more margin on top of set margin in the invoice template.

I moved this topic to bugs.

You can fix this using a custom theme. Change the number of pixels for padding. This is a common occurrence with PDF generators and printer drivers, which do this to avoid problems with printers that cannot print all the way to the edge.

I’m removing this topic from bugs category on the basis that this issue is in internal PDF generator which is now obsolete.

There is now new approach which doesn’t have this issue. So if you are affected, I recommend using the new approach.