PDF Unicode not working

when we generate PDF
some are not display properly

At Report, before generate pdf

pdf result

version using: 20.2.63

same here. it is bcoz of fonts encoding. me also using some Marathi fonts while designing my own invoice template.
i think we have to copy same font in to main library
let me search and the font library and will update


Try to copy and past font in this
hope this will clear tie issue

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt could you isolate exactly which letter combination is causing the issue? Just write those UTF characters here so I can reproduce it myself.

ဦးတင်အေး စိန် စပါယ်ရှယ်လ္ဘက်ခြောက်

will it be ok?

Can you please simplify this down to the lowest count of characters needed to reproduce the issue?


Is it really the shortest one to reproduce the issue on your end?

I can reproduce the issue with just combination of these characters င်အေ

this is not the complete word in our language
shortest for that case would be တင်အေး
not yet solved out with the version 20.2.76


Could you check the latest version (20.8.2)? The developer of the library where this issue occurs has advised this is now fixed.

I’m checking this myself and can see some improvements.

For example ငွေ now shows in PDF correctly. But င်အေ does not. What’s your assessment?

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perfect sir
thank you