Bengali Language Unicode Font Print Problem

When I printed some Bengali Language, the font was broken every time.

Could you post screenshot of PDF, at least of the portion where it appears to be broken?

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In software:


Could you test the latest version (18.10.72)? It could fix the issue.

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I download 2 hour ago, is that latest version (18.10.72)?

See this guide how to determine your installed version: Determine version number | Manager

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Then install the latest version (18.10.72)

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There are no changes :frowning:



Some Bengali sentences (Unicode Font) for your cooperation: গনপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ সরকার

Please try again to solve the problem. I am grateful to you, God bless you well.

Try the latest version (18.10.81). You should see some improvement.

By the way, the font in PDF could be different but is it wrong?

. the ZeroWidthJoiner characters seem to be missing in the description of the item. @HossainAhamed should use the Google Input Tools to input Unicode characters.

Is this issue resolved? I’m going to remove this topic from bugs category unless there is new screenshot demonstrating outstanding issue as per the latest version.