Journal Transactions

Is it possible to copy a prior journal entry, and use it as a template for a new journal entry?

Also, can I import journal entries from Excel into Manager?

The term copy in Manager refers to copying one type of transaction to a different type, such as a sales order to a sales invoice. See The term clone is used in the context you describe. Cloning produces an exact copy of the parent transaction, ready to be edited (if necessary, such as for a different date or amounts) before being created.

Journal entries can be created in bulk using the Batch Create function. See Two observations, however:

  • It will not be easy, because hexadecimal UUID’s must be deciphered from other transactions involving the same accounts and subaccounts.
  • Journal entries in Manager are rare, because almost all transactions are entered in dedicated tabs. So your need for bulk journal entries is probably minimal.

I don’t see anywhere in the application menu how/where to clone a JE. Is that because I am using the free version??

No, that is because you are not looking in the correct place. To clone any transaction or report, you must view it. The Clone button is at the top: