Template transactions - like recurring journal entry but no schedule

I have 3+ splits transactions to enter and would like to do it from a “template”. Is there any way to setup a template transaction? Something similar to “recurring journal entry”, but without making it want to be repeated on a particular date. Is there such a concept in Manager? – thanks, Anton

There is functionality to “clone” most transactions. A clone transaction is identical to the original transaction except for date (defaults to current date) and reference number (blank).

Actually, the original transaction date is cloned as well.

Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/24890.

Thanks, I read about the Clone. So it’s a bit different in that I cannot indicate some transaction as a template and give it a name, and then pick from a short list of named template transactions to clone from. Does it make sense?

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I understand what you are saying, @antonphp. But I think once you start using clones you will find out your idea is unnecessary. Why go to a library of templates to pick something when you can choose the most similar prior transaction and remain within a tab? Almost every transaction I create is a clone. For most, I just edit the date and sometimes adjust the amount.

My logic here was that I’d only have ~10 templates to choose from vs finding the right one among 1k+ transactions in the journal.

A solution that combines two approaches into one could be to allow giving “nicknames” to transactions, then showing a list of named transactions only to clone from. What do you think? E.g. like “bookmarking” a transaction and giving a name to the bookmark.

I use the existing search function to find the transaction I want then clone that

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Without in any way belittling your enthusiasm, I think you should gain some experience with Manager before trying to redesign it. I don’t know how long you may have been using the program, but you only joined the forum 2 days ago.

A common tendency among new users is to request that some aspect of Manager be made to work the same way as some other program they have experience with—whether that program was for accounting or not. Often, these requests originate with incomplete understanding of the program. Manager has some unusual design philosophies that you may find you like a great deal. Try cloning and see what you think.

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