Adding Copy To Reccuring Journal Entry

is it possible adding Copy to in Journal Voucher to be able to make recurring journal voucher like in sales invoices

it is now like this

looking forward to see it if possible

thanks in advance

recurring journal entries are available under Manager Settings page.

Can you provide an example where you would copy a transaction to a journal entry? The copy function is not for duplicating transactions. That is done by cloning or having recurring transactions. Copying carries information forward from one type of transaction into another. For example, a sales quote can be copied to a sales order, which can be copied to a sales invoice.

Thanks @sharpdrivetek for guidance

What I ment is to have the ability to set a recurring Journal Voucher by using copy to without going to the settings like what is available in the sales tab, also it will be easy to set a recurring JV for old JV if this transaction going to be repeated for a certain period

Usually we make monthly Fixed JV for amortisation and accruals. Monthly employee deduction and other

The Copy to function is meant to be used in progressive workflows, such as purchasing and selling, where one transaction leads to another and information largely carries over. Manager purposely minimizes the number of transactions that must be entered by journal. So there is little or no benefit to being able to copy one journal entry to a recurring journal entry. Journal entries can be cloned, when necessary. Or a journal entry you expect to repeat can be originally created as a recurring journal entry.

The example you gave of monthly amortization is not an appropriate use of a journal entry in Manager. Amortization should be entered in the Intangible Assets tab. Monthly employee deductions should be done under the Payslips tab, where you can define recurring payslips.


I realize that this subject is 4 years old, but when searching about a copy to recurring journal function in the view screen of journal entries similar to that in the view-screen of invoices it is absent. The rationale presented that it can be originally created as recurring journal entry is flawed because that would be the same for invoices.

There are clear use cases such as setting up a prepaid expenses account with recurring journal entries after realising that this would be a better idea to deal with for example insurance payments. Indeed once setup like all journal entries it could be cloned but it is even better to copy existing ones to become recurring entries.

So I appeal it to be reconsidered for implementation also because it would be consistent with having copy to recurring “anything”.

Previous posts in this thread date from a time when the Copy to function operated under a different philosophy than currently, that is, for progressive workflow. So earlier responses are out of date.

I am adding this to the ideas category with the understanding that the only action that would make sense is copying a journal entry to a recurring journal entry.

Indeed that would be the only use, but would be consistent with how one can copy to recurring invoices.

Added to the latest version (22.8.20)

Many thanks for the quick implementation of this.