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Dear all,

I couldn’t find this elsewhere, but might it be possible to have the functionality to clone ‘Recurring Journal Entries’ and/or ‘Recurring Purchase Invoices’ and/or ‘Recurring Sales Invoices’? This feature eliminates the need to copy/paste everything; just like cloning other forms like ‘Sales Invoices’, ‘Expense Claims’ and many others. This would be highly appreciated.


Can you give an example of why you would clone a Recurring Journal/Purchase or Sale Invoice?

You can create a recurring journal entry from an existing entry so this is as good as cloning it. Recurring entries do not have view screens as they always result in an actual invoice, journal entry, etc that then again can be cloned and copy to recurring entries if needed.

Recurring transactions cannot be cloned or copied because they are not transactions. Think of them as templates for future transactions. The appropriate way to create multiple similar recurring transactions is to clone the source transactions and then copy those to new recurring transactions. It is really just a matter of where you do the work. The required steps are similar.

I think ability to clone recurring transactions is a valid feature request. Added to ideas.