Recurring bank and inter account transactions

How do you create recurring bank transactions and inter account transfers? I want to keep my records manually and not import my bank statements. I have tried using recurring journal entries but those do not effect the bank account balances. Am I missing something simple here?

You cannot do either. You can clone them, however, and adjust dates. Recurring transactions require active intervention anyway; you are automatically notified of them, but still need to create them. So cloning is literally only a few keystrokes more work than a recurring transaction. And it’s much less work than importing a bank statement.

Thank you for the info!:slight_smile:

How so, I import over 300 transactions every month with 200 odd being recurring in nature and with Bank Rules this takes approx. 1.5 to 2 hrs. If I was using the suggested cloning then that would be over a days work. Perhaps at around 20 transactions you would have a breakeven in effort.

@Leefeet was asking about manually entering recurring bank transactions. The point I made was that cloning a transaction (taking a few seconds) is less work than importing a statement, which takes several minutes at the very least. The question was not about importing 300 transactions.

Thank you Tut for the info. I have a very small business and the cloning will work fine. I don’t want to import my bank statement. I’m old school and prefer manual entry.

But you have either totally ignored or more likely misunderstood the point that I was clearly making, that your comment “it’s much less work than importing a bank statement” really depends on the number of cloning transactions involved v’s the importing of the statement which I openly disclosed with “Perhaps at around 20 transactions you would have a breakeven in effort.”

I fully understood the original question and the use of the quantities / time was for illustration purposes and not as an answer to the question. Once again, when ever a user challengers a comment of yours, you resort to nit picking their answer. Standard procedure.

Where do I find my cloned transactions ? JAV

The same place you find all other transactions of whatever type you have cloned—in the tab listing. Be sure you actually create the transaction. Clicking the Clone button only brings up the entry screen. It does not save the transactions. Read

Huh? I don’t understand ! I want to use one of my cloned transactions. Where are they stored ? Normally if I clone something, it exists somewhere.
So where is my store of cloned transactions ready for me to use them ?

Clone is a fast way of creating a new similar transaction. Once created it is the same as any other transaction.
To clone it again you again need to find a transaction similar to your current needs and clone that

You did not read the Guide I linked.

Yes I did read the guide, that it did not tell me how to createthat it did not tell me how to create a clone’

After researching and experimenting, this is what I have come up with and I would like you to check it and check it and comment please.
Thank you in advance.

How to create a Clone. 2020/2/2

  1. Search for a past receipt or payment that I want to copy and use to create a Clone.
  2. When all the entries from this search opens, choose the latest entry and click View.
  3. In the View window, click the Clone button at the top of the page.
  4. Change the dates, so that this Clone becomes the new entry, with the new dates,
  5. Press Create, and check the entry.
  6. If it is not 100% correct, click the Edit button, and do the correction, or delete it and start again, following the instructions.
  7. Remember to enter the Cleared date, under Status.

Apologies for the typos. My computer is misbehaving.

Yes I did read it and it did not tell me how to use clones.
By researching and experimenting, I now see how to correctly use cloning.
I will ceate a detailed explanation, and upload it.

One of the features available to forum moderators is the ability to see if anyone has visited a link in a post. No one had visited the link I sent when I wrote that you had not. The Guide linked to contains all the information you say you discovered by “researching and experimenting.”

Thank U.