Detailed Trial Balance

Hello Sir, Its been a month im using your Software, It is very good though, but there are few problems which are really creating trouble for to use this software in future,
at first i need detailed trail balance sheet, which means, All Accounts at page page showing balances, Debit and credits both sides,
And the ledger account should be presented as DEBIT/CREDIT balances like we get in REPORTS, the PLUS MINUS method is very unprofessional. Plz consider my request and make it possible to print the Trail balance report with all ledger accounts at one page in debit and credit form

The purpose of a trial balance is to verify that the sum of debits equals the sum of credits, not to report account balances. If you want account balances, use the General Ledger Summary report.

What exactly are you referring to as the “ledger account?”

Dear sir thanks for your positive reply,
i understand the the trial balance shows the equal debit and credit balances, but at the end of the month we need teh detailed trail balance which shows all the ledger account balances shows at one page, I am showing how my previous ERP software use to show the all the balances at one page,

this image is Excel report of trial balance of my previous ERP software, which all balances at one page,
this is very usefull honestly

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There are plenty of report formats available in Manager.

Unfortunately if you need one in the same exact format as your previous software, I suggest that you revert to using your previous software.

But a report is just a report - as long as the information is available, it should be possible to adapt your way of work to using one or more of the reports available

dear i never want the exact copy of previous soft, all i need is ladger balances at at one page,

Is that not what the summary screen shows?
If you want to compare actual to budget, does the profit and loss statement (budget vs actuals) achieve what you require?

You will probably get a more useful answer if you describe the task you are trying to achieve rather than just replicate prior software.

dear sir, when we open costumer statement it shows the amount and balance, which is bit confusing, i suggest it should be recorded as debit and credit amount and then balances as we get in customer reports,

The Trial Balance report in Manager is in exactly the format you requested

@rakesh_kumar, as far as I can see, everything you have asked for is already provided by available reports. As @Joe91 wrote, the Trial Balance is in the same format you showed and gives the totals. Whether it fits on one page or not depends on how complex your chart of accounts is.

As for anything else, you did not answer my question.

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The Trial Balance Report is exactly what he’s looking for. I use it as it is right now from Manager but there is something that, even when I can manipulate it in an external worksheet, it does not suppose to be there and that is the “net profit”. In a trial balance should be the balances of the accounts in the period you’re selecting, debit and credit; the net profit should not be listed. Look at this worksheet, for example:


I have found this online and even if you can’t see the numbers bigger, that is not important, what I want to show is the format of the Trial Balance on the left and what you can do with a trial balance, make a working trial balance with adjustments, a balance sheet and income statement in an external worksheet.

Now, why the net profit should not be listed in a trial balance? The net profit is not an account. In theory, the net profit will always be part of the retained earnings account but this will be true once a fiscal year is ended. Maybe there are some things in accounting that can vary depending on what country you are from and I can understand that. At the end is basically the same, so don’t mind this comment at all if the rules are different over there.


as far as i understood what @rakesh_kumar needs, is the combination of these existing reports in Manager; trial balance + customer summary + supplier summary + Inventory balance. which i think not currently exist in Manager.

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yes @Shehzad, you are right dear, i am looking for a report which shows,
all accounts, including, Costumer balances, supplier balances, employee balances, capital account balances, and all remain account balances in one report.
thanks shehzad.

Dear @sulfuror thanks for your time :slight_smile: can you please guide how to get detailed Trail balance report which is already avaiable here,

@rakesh_kumar, you have misunderstood what various forum members have said. A report like what you call a detailed trial balance report is not available in Manager.

The existing Trial Balance report in the Reports tab is in exactly the format you showed in your screen shot in post #3. Contrary to what you have said, though, this does not combine customer balances, supplier balances, employee balances, and capital account balances. It shows those things because they have been set up as individual accounts in the former accounting accounting system. And what it shows is individual accounts.

If they were set up as individual accounts in Manager, they would all show on Manager’s Trial Balance report. But you would lose the benefit of most of Manager’s built-in capabilities, because those capabilities make use of a structure made up of control accounts and subsidiary ledgers. For example, Manager uses a built-in control account, Accounts receivable. Customers are subsidiary ledgers under the Accounts receivable control account. What you see on the Trial Balance are the control accounts. To see exactly what you showed in your screen shot, you would need to create custom control accounts for every customer, supplier, employee, and capital account owner.

I suggest that, if this detailed trial balance report is so important to you, you should return to your previous ERP software. I note, however, that your previous software did not apparently generate such a report either, as what you showed is an Excel spreadsheet rather than a report created by that software.

@rakesh_kumar, in my opinion, when Manager doesn’t give the same report you are asking for, the best way is to print all the report like suppliers summary, customers summary, inventory summary etc. on individual pages, then make a manual Excel sheet, type totals of all summaries, then do grand total giving the name of this page Summarized Trial Balance! hope it will be working satisfactory to you.

Have you ever personally done it in this way?

have been doing this for years during my previous job period. :slight_smile: but not on manager but with another software. i m running manager on trial basis till now.