Items to receive / deliver and discount reports

Is there any way that I can get reports of the following scenarios:

  1. Date wise, item wise, customer wise items to deliver
  2. Date wise, item wise, supplier wise items to receive
  3. Date wise, item wise, customer wise discount given (using Discount option built in Manager)
  4. Date wise, item wise, supplier wise discount received (using Discount option built in Manager)


No on all questions. For #1 and #2, if you have Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts enabled, you can get list of quantities to be received and delivered by customer or supplier by drilling down in those respective columns. But you will not get all the items you mention in a single report.

Is it something not needed by any small business? I think adding such reports or adding an option to build reports by selecting variables such as items, dates, customers, suppliers, purchases invoices and sales invoices are immensely useful to startup and SME environment where margins do matter, corporate lifestyle cannot be afforded and further, such environments typically do not have a dedicated accounting team to be able to drill down manually item by item or invoice by invoice for analysis.

While I really appreciate the ease and robustness of Manager, some basic and needed features are surely missing and I don’t know why the company / developer is reluctant or not feeling the need to incorporate it in the software. These are:

  1. Not having ability to generate detailed custom reports
  2. Not being able to import multiple transactions / batches from Excel summary
  3. Not being able to upload JVs from Excel

While we may say that it leads to double work, but truth is that not all staff is tech savvy or software trained and you do not always want to give everyone the access also. Further, other than developed countries, 24/7 access is not always feasible too. So practically, it always comes down to having something in Excel format that you wish to put in the system all together, all accountants have done or do that at some point or another and none can deny the global acceptability of Excel files in accounting.

For me as a financial support guy for a distribution startup with 50+ items, I feel they are necessary reports for business analysis and control, I would say other Manager users might also be feeling the same way about lack of reporting options and lot of manual one by one invoicing effort to populate the data amidst a lack of time.

@lubos Is it possible that you can consider adding above mentioned reports or devise some mechanism to generate customized reports by selecting variables like in Excel Pivot Tables to get a user friendly interface apart from the SQL query option, even for that there is a lack of detailed documentation to try it out. I am not aware may be it is already considered but I did not come across such discussion on the forum.